Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Teachers Arrive in Vientiane

The principal and one teacher from Anuban kindergarten school arrived today, happy but sleepy from their 18-hour bus trip from Muang Khong. We held a pre-training meeting where we went over the schedule for tomorrow, and also discussed the progress of the improvements at the school. They were extremely happy about all the changes and said the community and the students are all looking forward to the completion of the project. We were very impressed with the level of leadership and accountability they have shown on this project--they and the other teachers did some of the work themselves (such as painting) and tried to get the community involved as well. They also made sure to keep the costs as low as possible, accounting for everything.

We still have many things to work on together--such as creating a fence around the school to protect the small children and allow them to grow fruit trees and other things (right now the wandering water buffalo would eat them!). Tomorrow we will be leaving at 6:30 am to go to the Sunshine School. We may have a meeting on Tuesday with another person running a charity here, but will have to see how the timing goes. For now...must get to sleep! It's a full day tomorrow!

Shawn & Thanou

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