Friday, December 1, 2006

Welcome to Our Blog Space!

This space follows the founders of Jai Dee (Good Heart) Children's Fund on our journey to create a better life for children and their communities through education, one project at a time.

We (my fiance, Thanou, and I) started the charity last year after visiting a kindergarten school in Laos and seeing that they had nothing but a mat on the floor--not even toilets or crayons. We knew it would take so little to make a difference, so we decided to give it a shot. With the help of an amazing group of volunteers, we created an annual music festival that would showcase local songwriting talent while also raising money for the children. It was a grand success. We are especially grateful to the musicians, our sponsors and to all the wonderful people who showed up to support the event. All of you are helping to change lives. How?

Well, we want to show you. We created this blog in order to bring you along on our journey as we head to Laos to oversee the work on the project! Come along with us...we're so glad you came.

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